Supervision and Consultation


Solution Focus Lab

Keiko Yoneyama-Sims, MS
Colorado Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Solution Focused Practitioner

Interested in obtaining Marriage and Family Therapy license?  Either you are freshly graduated from master's degree or in the helping profession for long time, you will gain fundamental system concepts and application of the therapy model of your choice.

Intervision is a peer group consultation originated in European countries.  It helps all the participants to grow and learn from each other in Solution Focused way.

Solution Focus Lab hosts book club meetings and workshops to introduce Solution Focused approach ideas, attitudes, and tools for professionals.

Solution Focused Approach

Solution Focused Approach works based on your goals to make changes happen in daily life.  Instead of problem focused approach where a helper has to know every detail about what is wrong and how to fix it, Solution Focused Approach is collaborative approach where a helper sheds light on people's strength and resources in order to move forward and create changes for better future.

About Keiko

When I was in intern, my journey as a MFT was not smooth sailing.  I have many times felt inadequate and doubted if I should continue in MFT career.  What I learned was that through supportive supervision with clear goals and purpose helps continue the growth as a MFT therapist.  

Professional Growth

Even after you finished your schooling or certification courses, professional growth will continue.  It is essential part of your professional life. 








"Fantastic and inspiring workshop! Thank you" - Erin

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