About Keiko

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You arrived to this page looking for a supervisor you wants to work with for couple years for your MFT license or looking for a Solution Focused practitioner to get some consultation.  Before we start working together, allow me to introduce myself.

As a graduate student in Counseling Psychology couple decades ago (I can not believe it is that long time ago), I remember that Internship was a big leap of faith into the real world of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist where I actually work with real clients.  Not mock clients played by my classmates anymore.  I can still remember so clearly how nervous and uncertain I was.  I was lucky that I had great supervisors at my internship sites who were supportive and knowledgeable in guiding me learn from every encounter with my clients. 

Now being in mental health field for over a couple decades and met many interns, per-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist candidates, I notice how I was lucky having these first couple years of learning under my supervisors, and how much that experience impacted on my career as a MFT.  It was natural course for me to grow passion for helping out other mental health professionals, still in school or experienced, to gain more education and continue professional growth into the therapist they want to become, confident and caring.

Ever since I came across with Solution Focused approach, it was my passion to spread the SFBT approach to anyone who would be interested and find this approach useful.  More I learn SFBT, I noticed the difference in my MFT practice and how I interact with clients, family and friends all over my life.  It is gratifying and ever energizing way of seeing my life. 

I truly enjoy interacting with interns, trainee, and participants in MFT supervision, peer-consultation, SFBT consultation, and Solution Focus book club.  That is why I decided to continue my education for AAMFT approved supervisor and Solution Focused Practitioner certification.  When I hosted a workshop at SFBT conference, it was unbelievably eye opening and humbling experience to get to know participant's brilliance and strength.

I hope this introduction gave you little more information of who I am.  I will be honored to work with you in your journey as a mental health professional. 

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  • Certified Solution Focused Practitioner


  • Certified Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner





  • Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

California State University, Bakersfield


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Eastern Illinois University



  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist - Clinical Fellow


  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association