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My best hope from this website

As any solution focused conversation starts with visualizing best hopes, I want to start this blog with exploring my best hopes from this website.

My best hope is that Solution Focus Lab is a useful place for anyone interested in Solution Focused approach to have more opportunities to immerse themselves in solution focused materials such as video recordings, journal articles, and book club meetings, or intervision because the solution focused approach takes a lot of practice.

This approach is not the approach where you read it and you will be able to use it fluently. Maybe for some people that is true. But it was not that easy for me. Like many Solution Focused masters say "Solution Focused approach is simple, but not easy". I still stumble and have to have a minute to reflect on how to go about it with Solution Focused Approach. I still continue to practice role play and other exercises with other Solution Focused practitioners as much as possible.

One thing I want to make clear here is that I am not a master of Solution Focused Approach. I am still learning. I am in still process of reaching master level, which I am not completely sure if I can get there totally. But somewhat closer would be wonderful.

Looking back, I came long way comparing to when I just started using in 2011. I am feeling more natural in Solution Focus attitude and my belief that "there is a way. Maybe it is not clear for me to see, but there is a way" when I get stuck in the sessions.

One thing that made it possible to get to this point for me was to interact with Solution Focused practitioners as much as I can. It was through workshop at various places, like Denver Center for Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Colorado USA, BRIEF in London UK, and SFBTA conferences. It was through seeking mentoring from Solution Focused masters. It was through role playing with Solution Focused practitioners and reviewing video and dissecting it one utterance by one utterance. It was through reading Solution Focused books.

So by creating this Solution Focused Lab, I want to offer a place where people come and immersed with solution focused materials and interaction, so that they can be skilled in it and feel more natural and fluid in using Solution Focused approach in their own life and in professional setting.

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